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Kunal Vaitha Reim Capital
26th August 2020

We spoke to Kunal Vaitha, principal and co-founder of Reim Capital, about how the Covid-19 outbreak continues to affect the market and what opportunities and issues SMEs will face in the next...

Michael Whitfield, MD at CPP Group UK
24th July 2020

We spoke to Michael Whitfield, managing director of insurtech firm CPP Group UK, about how the Covid-19 outbreak could increase risks surrounding cyber-attacks and what features advisers should...

Agam Jain Vector Capital
17th April 2020

We spoke to Agam Jain, MD of Vector Capital, about how the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to affect the sector and how Vector is supporting the developers by deferring interest payments and...

Damon Walford ThinCats
27th September 2019

We spoke to Damon Walford, chief development officer at ThinCats, about the relaunch of its fast-track business finance proposition and how Brexit is affecting business investment.

Marieke Eskens Fiduciam
1st August 2019

We spoke to Marieke Eskens, head of case management at Fiduciam, about why sustainability is a massive opportunity for SMEs and what brokers should consider when looking for a short-term loan for...

Ronak Ruparell Bridge Invest
30th May 2019

We spoke to Ronak Ruparell, CEO and co-founder of Bridge Invest, about how to manage clients’ expectations in the face of the changing lending environment and how a softening housing market can...

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