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Businesses need speed, but not at the cost of relationships

The financial pressures currently facing businesses are undeniable. Having to adjust to rising costs in their supply chains, increased energy prices and bigger tax bills, and no sooner do we all begin to accept these challenges do we face inflation hitting a high of 9.1%.

Steve Nichols | Time Finance
24th June 2022
Steve Nichols Time Finance
"Businesses and brokers can submit proposals and undertake due diligence and eligibility checks at the touch of a button with funding approved or denied almost immediately."

The squeeze on businesses is getting increasingly tighter and this creates an environment in which they need to think fast. To enable them to be agile, they need simple and quick finance solutions that meet their ever-changing demands. But speed alone will fall short of the financial solutions businesses need.

In a fast paced world, a business’ time is extremely valuable and when it comes to their finance solutions, they are rightly looking for products and services that are respectful of their time pressures. Onerous, confusing and lengthy finance applications have no place in our world so it is the duty of finance providers to make access to finance solutions simple, straightforward and quick. But the latter requires balance.

Advancements in tech and AI have really accelerated the process of delivering funding solutions. Businesses and brokers can submit proposals and undertake due diligence and eligibility checks at the touch of a button with funding approved or denied almost immediately. On the face of it, that’s great. A business has its decision and it can move on. But while these algorithms create efficiency, the process is too black and white. If you don’t fit the algorithms, you’re denied finance. But would a business not then want the chance to discuss their nuances and explain their potential? Those are the shades of grey that require a human touch. It is the job of alternative finance to provide quality support to businesses and AI algorithms alone simply can’t do that.

In a recent Time Finance poll, a staggering 92% of businesses told us that having a personal relationship with their funder is at the top of their list of desirable attributes. But it’s interesting to question why this might be, and particularly now. Maybe a business has been denied access to funding elsewhere, perhaps they want to have a product or service explained to them in terms they understand or maybe we just prefer to deal with people, especially in times of uncertainty.

There’s no doubt that technological advancements are changing the future of lending and progress is undoubtedly a positive thing; it enables lenders to bring to market new products and services that meet the needs of businesses. At Time Finance we recently launched ‘Fast Track’ our new asset finance solution that initially will provide a select panel of brokers with access to soft asset finance facilities up to £10,000, giving swift decisions and easy access to funds. But alongside this, we value the conversations we can have to talk through a business’ specific needs or challenges. Access to a real person, particularly during difficult times, reminds businesses that they are not alone and invites them into a two-way conversation in which they can properly communicate their business vision.

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