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NatWest to make rate changes for new business customers

Amy Loddington -
20th May 2021
natwest bank

From tomorrow, NatWest will be making a variety of changes to its product range for new business customers.

These changes include rate reductions of up to 12bps across a wide variety of LTV bandings and support numerous customer types, from purchase and remortgage customers, to those looking at Green Mortgages.

Changes to the core range include a rate reduction of 2bps on 90% LTV 2-ear deal and up to 6bps on selected 5-year deals respectively for purchases, up to 5bps for 5 year remortgages, up to 7bps for first time buyer 90% LTV deals, and up to an impressive 12bps for Green Mortgages for purchase.

There are also fee reductions on its 2-year purchase 70% product, down to £995 from £1,495, and a selection of cashback offers introduced.



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