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Loans Warehouse becomes first consumer finance firm to join NACFB

Amy Loddington -
4th November 2014
Commercial News

Loans Warehouse has become the first consumer finance specialist to become a Patron of the NACFB.

With the growth in second charge lending reported in recent editions of the Secured Loan Index it was important for the NACFB to further acknowledge the opportunities that exist for their members within the sector.

The past year has seen an increase in the number of products that are of particular interest to NACFB member, with lenders like Shawbrook Bank, Precise Mortgage Secured Loans & Masthaven Secured Loans offering second charges to landlords as an alternative way to borrow against their BTL portfolio or the availability of more loans that can be used for business purposes, like payment of tax bills or a cash injection into a successful business.

Adam Tyler, CEO of the NACFB, says:

“We’ve brought Loans Warehouse on board as a Patron, because, as a broker, we think this is a niche that needs to be filled. As a large brokerage they have ability to assist our members in the Secured Lending space.  Loans Warehouse takes the hard work out of comparing Secured Second charge  lenders’ offers and it’s a quick way to find the best funding source. Loans Warehouse is regulated by the FCA giving intermediaries peace of mind as we face this new form of regulation.”

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