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Just Cashflow launches enhanced broker portal

Rozi Jones -
28th July 2020
John Davies Just Cash Flow
"When we asked brokers what their major frustration was with lenders the clear answer was ‘communication’."

Just Cashflow has enhanced its broker portal to increase the speed, efficiency and security of the application process and utilise fraud prevention software.

Just Cashflow’s executive chairman, John Davies, said: ”The enhancements to our portal have been driven by feedback from brokers. The result is a focus on ease of submission, transparency and the ability to track exactly what stage every application is at and, most importantly, what is needed to deliver a timely and successful outcome for the end customer.

“When we asked brokers what their major frustration was with lenders the clear answer was ‘communication’.

“Just one enhancement example is submission of key documents at the application stage and testing has proven that this removes unnecessary delays in the application process.

"SMEs lose around £1.5bn in fraud every year and the portal uses the latest technology to help brokers identify companies and directors with potential fraudulent intentions.

“At application stage a link is included to Companies House in order to confirm the identity of the company seeking finance but then proprietary AI driven software goes to work to confirm the identity of the company and relevant beneficial owners and possible links to previous fraudulent intentions.

“We believe the investment in our portal will significantly enhance the ease and speed of the application process for both brokers and the all important end customer.

“As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis SMES are going to need access to the right financial solutions so they will welcome innovative ways that show lenders and brokers are working together to get them the funding they need without unnecessary delays.”

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