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P2P business lender tops £50m milestone

Amy Loddington -
8th November 2017
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ArchOver, the peer-to-peer business lending platform, has announced it has now facilitated over £50 million of lending with no losses or late payments.

The platform has always been available to both institutional and retail investors, with both groups lending under the same terms and conditions.

Angus Dent, ArchOver CEO, said:

“In a world of low returns, investors are increasingly searching for higher yields. Lending is a relatively straightforward asset class for both institutional and retail investors to understand, and the Financial Conduct Authority’s recent certification of ArchOver and other P2P platforms has given them the confidence to add P2P lending to their investment portfolio.

“We look forward to introducing new lending services in 2018, helping to expand our borrower and lender base while continuing to operate with the best principles of P2P lending. We offer manual platform lending to all levels of investors on the same terms and interest rates. We will continue to do so while also building models that meet the increased demand for larger loans from British businesses adopting the P2P model.”

The ArchOver platform produces average yields of 7.3% per annum, and comes with multiple security measures built in to protect investors. Investments benefit from an insurance partnership with CoFace, dispute resolution services from Escalate, and ArchOver’s all-asset charge and controlled intermediary account.

Stephen Harris, Hampden Group CEO, said: “This is a significant landmark in ArchOver’s growth. ArchOver has consistently produced high yields for institutions and individuals alike, and that high quality of service is producing fantastic results. We are reaping the benefits of recognising the strength of the ArchOver model early, investing in the company and lending over the platform alongside a growing number of investors. We look forward to continuing to support ArchOver as the business continues to grow with profitability.”

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