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AToM and UTB complete £1.7m bridge in 9 days

1st August 2017

Specialist mortgage packager and distributor AToM has arranged a £1.7m regulated bridging loan in just nine days with United Trust Bank.

The broker approached AToM as his client had already exchanged contracts on a property and paid over a large non-refundable deposit assuming she could complete in time. The client had placed her unencumbered £2.8m property on the market but had not yet had any firm offers.

Working closely with the broker, lenders and their legal teams, AToM managed to obtain the offer with huge support from the lender and completed just ahead of the deadline.

AToM's Chairman, Vic Jannels said:

'This was a classic example of everyone pulling together for the benefit of the client. UTB could not have been more helpful and the broker worked closely with the client to ensure all documentation was delivered as soon as it was requested.”
United Trust Bank’s Rob Love commented:

“Completing this loan from a standing start in nine days with no existing valuations available to re-address is an excellent result and testament to the great teamwork between United Trust Bank and AToM.”

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